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 Protect yourself from Skin Cancer

Relaxing in the sun feels good, but it isn’t good for your skin. Sun exposure is a major cause of skin cancer, which can be life-threatening. People of all ages and backgrounds are at risk, but skin cancer can be prevented with simple precautions that you can start taking today.

Avoiding the sun’s UV (ultraviolet) rays is the best way to protect yourself from skin cancer, wrinkles and other signs of aging. Protect your skin when you go outside during the day – even if it’s cloudy or you’re only going to be out for a little while. Use broad spectrum sunscreen on all exposed skin, from head to toe. (Don’t forget your ears and lips.)

Skin cancer is best treated when it’s found early. Ask your doctor to examine your skin as part of your regular health exam, and check your skin often at home for new marks or changes. Follow up with your doctor if you see anything that doesn’t look normal. Have fun this summer, but be safe in the sun!