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Leo W. Jenkins Cancer Center

Leo W. Jenkins Cancer Center provides outpatient cancer treatment services on the medical campus of Vidant Medical Center and the Brody School of Medicine at East Carolina University in Greenville. The Cancer Center and Vidant Medical Center work hand-in-hand when it comes to caring for cancer patients in eastern North Carolina. Services between the two facilities are easy to access because the buildings are connected to each other.

Vidant Medical Center offers chemotherapy, radiosurgery and inpatient care. Leo W. Jenkins Cancer Center offers oncology clinics, radiation therapy, radiosurgery and biotherapy. Our multidisciplinary approach to cancer care features state-of-the-art therapies, compassionate care, expert second opinions, support services, nutrition counseling, holistic care and clinical trials as well.



  • Lung-thoracic oncology
  • Breast
  • Surgical oncology
  • Gynecological oncology
  • Medical oncology and hematology
  • Radiation oncology
  • Gastrointestinal oncology

After your diagnosis, your cancer doctor will determine the course of treatment that is best for you and will discuss it with you and your family at length. It is important that you understand your treatment plan and that you and your clinical team are actively engaged with each other in managing your care.

Clinic hours are by appointment Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm.

For information, call 252-744-1888 or 800-223-9328. After hours, call the ECU Physicians answering service at 800-722-3281.


Patients in eastern North Carolina are fortunate to have access to two of the most advanced radiosurgery technologies, CyberKnife® and Gamma Knife®, for treating cancers.


This advanced form of radiosurgery is a non-invasive alternative to traditional surgery for the treatment of both cancerous and non-cancerous tumors anywhere in the body, including the prostate, lung, brain, spine, liver, pancreas and kidney. The treatment delivers beams of high-dose radiation to tumors with extreme accuracy. This service is located in the Leo W. Jenkins Cancer Center.

Gamma Knife®

Gamma Knife uses a precisely targeted array of narrow beams of radiation to treat brain lesions. It is highly effective even in the most critical parts of the brain, yet the healthy tissue around the lesion receives very little radiation. This service is located in Vidant Medical Center.


Biotherapy (also known as biologic therapy or biologic response modifier therapy) is the fourth in the family of established cancer treatments that includes surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy. Biotherapy works differently from other treatment methods because it does not have a direct killing effect on cancer cells. Instead, it works indirectly by mobilizing your body’s immune system to reject the cancer.

Leo W. Jenkins Cancer Center — Greenville
600 Moye Blvd.
Greenville, NC 27834