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Marion L. Shepard Cancer Center

At the Marion L. Shepard Cancer Center we treat you, not just your cancer. We accomplish this by focusing not only on the diagnosis and treatment of cancer, but also on improving the everyday lives of our patients and their caregivers. Our goal is to show love, give hope and show compassion as our patients fight this disease.

Our main services include:


We have a 13-chair chemotherapy bay with individual televisions and headphones for each patient. The chemo bay offers a calming environment overlooking the Barbara Gray Howdy Meditation Garden. Our nurses have years of experience and expertise with chemotherapy administration and a majority have specialty certification in oncology.


We have extensive experience in treating blood disorders and performing blood and platelet transfusions. Blood transfusions are often given to correct anemia. Most platelet transfusions are given to help the blood clot and to prevent bleeding. Leukemia patients and those patients who have had high doses of chemotherapy and bone marrow transplants often have low platelet counts and may need platelet transfusions.

Linear Accelerator

Radiation Therapy

We offer radiation therapy and have recently installed a new state-of-the-art linear accelerator that will offer new treatment modalities and procedures. Our board certified radiation oncologist is in the center on a daily basis. We understand that undergoing radiation treatment is quite a burden on patients and caregivers. By offering radiation treatment here in Washington we are helping lessen that burden for anyone living close to the area. For complex radiation therapy services such as Gamma Knife or CyberKnife, we refer our patients to Greenville. We provide prostate radiation seed implantation and have one of the most robust programs in the state.

Complementary Therapies

Stress creeps up on cancer patients and their caregivers. We head off that stress by offering services and programs which complement our state-of-the art medical treatment. Therapies include massage, yoga and art, music and pet therapy. We are constantly investigating and implementing new complementary programs that will provide additional well-being and personalized approaches for our patients. Other services offered at Marion L. Shepard are survivorship programs, nutrition, education and clinical trials.


Marion L. Shepard Cancer Center Washington
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Washington, NC 27889

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