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Gynecological Cancer Services

A woman’s body is designed to do amazing things, like bearing children. Her reproductive organs are complex and will undergo many changes during her lifetime, from before puberty to well after menopause.

Cancer that begins in any of a woman’s reproductive organs is referred to as gynecological cancer.

Like breast cancer, this disease can be very emotional for a woman, particularly if she is diagnosed during child-bearing years.

The main types of gynecological cancer include:

At Vidant Health, our specialists offer comprehensive care for women with gynecological cancer. There are many surgical options, from minimally invasive techniques like cryosurgery or laser surgery to hysterectomy if the cancer is in a more involved or advanced state. Radiation and chemotherapy are also treatment options.

Our mission is to provide the best possible care for our patients by using the latest proven techniques and working to find new treatments. We are part of the Gynecologic Oncology Group, a national cooperative organization that develops new therapies for gynecologic malignancies through the highest standards of scientific research and clinical trials.

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Physicians and providers

Johnna Cowin, np
Leo W. Jenkins Cancer Center

eleanor harris, md
Leo W. Jenkins Cancer Center

Leo W. Jenkins Cancer Center

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Leo W. Jenkins Cancer Center