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Soft Tissue Cancer Services

Soft tissues are what hold the body together. They include muscles, tendons, fat, blood vessels, nerves and more. There are many kinds of lumps in the body’s soft tissues, and most are not cancerous. Even though these cancers are rare, it’s very important to be aware of any lumps and changes in your body. If you notice any changes, you should seek medical care.

There are many different types of soft tissue cancers because of the variety of locations in the body where they can develop. Two of the specific types of soft tissue cancer that we treat at Vidant Health include Ewing Sarcoma (which can start in either the bone or in non-bony soft tissue) and Leiomyosarcoma (which starts in the involuntary smooth muscles like those in the stomach, intestine and blood vessels).

Individual plans for individual people.

Treatments for soft tissue cancer depend on the type and stage of the cancer, as well as the size and location of the tumor. Your doctor will also consider factors such as your age and general health when recommending a treatment plan. Surgery and radiation are considered “local” treatments designed to remove, destroy or control cancer cells in one part of the body. Chemotherapy may also be used as a “systemic” treatment aimed at cancer cells throughout the entire body. Targeted therapies – special drug compounds designed to block certain types of cancer – may also be helpful in treating these conditions.

Rest assured that no matter how rare or complex your cancer is, Vidant Health gives you access to the latest diagnostic and treatment tools. We have specialists throughout our region who will work with you and with each other to make sure the best plan is in place to deal with your unique situation. In fact, each soft tissue cancer case is presented to our multidisciplinary team for review and collaboration.

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